Thirty-One Days to Explore Revival Devotional

The Lord has put it on my heart to write. I have had numerous encouragements concerning this over several years. People keep asking if I have written anything. I recently had a YWAM Nicaraguan staff person ask me, “Are you writing a book?” She knew nothing. I answered cautiously, “Well, maybe.” She replied, “I think God wants you to set aside the time and do this.” In other words, get off your duff and get started.

Here is a beginning, still unfinished in some ways. I ask for your input as you read. Where are the gaps in thought? What is missing to make this a better devotional? Is it too long? Lacking something? Too complicated?

The format is an introduction, then a daily devotional for each of thirty-one days. Each devotional has a Scripture passage and then thoughts relating this passage to revival. At the end of each devotional is a “reflect and respond” section for some application. Finally, there is a short reading list and some definitions of terms to help with some ideas that may be new. I have kept the endnotes to a minimum.

Thank you for your honest input! If the Lord says “write,” I will; but I would want to know how to make this something of value to His people, worthwhile to the kingdom and mostly a joy to Him.

Mike Huckins

Read the devotional here:  Thirty-One Days to Explore Revival Devotional

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