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We are excited to have you here. The links above will help you navigate through the information we have put together. You can expect videos, articles and information about our ministry. Also don’t forget to check out our updates below!


Check out some updates to our site:

  • Pictures and short video clips from the Guadalajara BSN under videos.
  • Student testimonies from the Bible School for the Nations in Belize under Videos.
  • New Blogs. Too Many Shades of Grey. Also, Substituting? coming out of my study of Galatians, all under Mike’s Blog.
  • Now available: Lessons from Corinth. This is an ongoing series coming from my study of the Corinthian letters. (Click the link above or here)
  • I am also writing and adding some miscellaneous articles and will be on an ongoing basis. Now posted, “The Unlikely Kingdom,” “The Power of Dreaming” and “Indiana Jesus” under Resources.


Welcome your feedback and input on these resources! Welcome to our website!