As part of our normal ministry, Mike often speaks and writes. We wanted to share some of that material with you. Our goal – to provide a “digital update” to the work we are conducting around the world!


Ongoing Series

The Compass

This weekly Bible companion entitled The Compass is packed with truth that will serve to deepen your understanding of God and His word.

Lessons from Corinth

Paul addresses some very practical issues that have arisen at the church at Corinth. How might these things apply to us?


Stand Alone Articles

Indiana Jesus 8-13

The Power of Dreaming


What Matters – Living a Life on Purpose (tract)

Friendship with God

The Unlikely Kingdom

Excerpts from Michael Brown‘s High Voltage Christianity: Do We Really Want Revival?



Thirty-One Days to Explore Revival

A thirty-one day devotional that explores both historical and personal revival. Are you ready to grow closer to God?



The Book of Acts

Speaking at YWAM Tyler Family Night