Reflections from Belize

I realized that it has been a couple years since we have been out of the States and this was the first time since coming to Lima Community that we had done so as full time with YWAM again. Nita and I both felt that it was important on this trip that she come along, though she might not always travel with me. Of course, I want her on every trip, but we will see how things develop.

What are our takeaways from the time? Perhaps nothing brand new but several things were reinforced in our minds and hearts.

  • The world is a very large and diverse place. Where we were, on the island of Ambergris Caye, is a small place geographically speaking (roughly 25 miles by 5 miles), yet populated by a diversity of culture and language. While English is official in Belize, we heard Spanish (many people have come from Mexico to here) and Creole, a blend of French and other dialects. You see even in this small location, the immensity of a world in need of the power and truth of God; the longing of God settles into your heart afresh.
  • God is faithful to every new generation. Perhaps as we age (for those of you that are aging, not me, of course), we might fear that somehow the “youth” out there will not take up the mantle of God’s kingdom. If you have thought that, at least in the BSN in Belize, your fears can rest easier! The students (Americans, a Belizian and a Venezuelan) were all in their early twenties, hungry for God and truth, and absolutely committed to seeing God’s heart and purpose accomplished in the world. Single focus, not distracted, wholehearted. Let’s pray for more of the same among the young people we know.
  • The truth matters. All of the students talked about how the truth of Scripture has radically changed their understanding of God and brought them into deeper places with Him. It really matters that we teach/train and equip. Check out the testimonies of the students on our website (soon to come).
  • Confirmation of our place in all of this. Nita and I both came home with that sense, “Yes, this is right.” Not that we didn’t think so before, obviously, but it became a confirmed reality in the doing.
  • The desperate need for training and equipping of pastors and leaders worldwide is difficult to fully appreciate. In our conversations with other YWAMers in Belize, we saw again the possibilities of what might be if we will only seize the initiative. From church planters in Nepal to community transformation in the Congo, we can actually impact the world in a genuinely positive way. More on this later. However, one example might suffice. YWAM is involved in training church planters in Nepal. Nepal had essentially NO Christians three decades ago, now there are several million. They don’t lack commitment or passion, these they have, to the point of facing incredible difficulties and suffering. What they do lack is Biblical training so as to be able to teach and equip their churches, most of which are filled with new Christians. Only $100/month provides for the support of these men and women. Amazing!
  • It is Biblical training that creates a multiplying effect into the nations. We are impassioned afresh with our call! While no one person can do everything, we all can do what God asks – just remember it really does matter.

Thank you all for your prayers, support and partnership! More is to come soon on this site; including some studies flowing out of my recent study of Corinthians.

Appreciate your ongoing prayers!

Mike and Anita

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