Is There Hope for America? (Part One)

The recent series of videos revealing Planned Parenthood’s real commitments and agenda has disturbed the twisted world of those committed to the “pro-choice” culture of death. “Planned Parenthood,” what a demonic name for these abortuaries. In case you have not noticed, most of the vulnerable women who go in pregnant don’t come out as a parent. One of their former workers revealed about PP what we all thought was true – they are an abortion mill; their goal is to sell abortions and as we discovered that’s not all. Apparently they gave up the illusion of “planning parenthood” a long time ago.1

I was struck the other day in thinking about our response to this exposure. My question is simple, “What was the most important thing that was exposed by those videos of PP?” My answer might surprise you.

Our hearts.

What God sees in our reaction is the true condition of our hearts. Now I don’t mean the immediate anger that we all shared – how could a person not be outraged?2 Something deeper. Did you repent (as did I) for your indifference, your lack of concern, over this watershed issue? But more and most importantly – what does this say about whether we truly share God’s heart, God’s pain, God’s concern for His world?

What does this say about the fact that we are asleep – why do we need a shocking wake-up call to get us to even think about our responsibility before God for what is happening in the world that He loves? In a word, what in the world have we not been doing all this time that these things could be true of our nation? Abortion has become so accepted in our culture that one is considered a Neanderthal to bring it up, “it’s legal after all,” as though that is the final word from God’s perspective.

So, now that we know, what will we do? Is it business as usual for us; “too bad, so sad” as we move from these tragic videos to return to re-posting the latest silly thing we heard on FB.3Where is the depth of our outrage, our sadness, our grief over what is happening in our nation? BUT please understand – this stirring is only the beginning. We can never have revival until our hearts are torn to pieces over our sin.4

Please hear my heart. I think the God who sees our hearts is longing, looking to see what must be done to stir us out of our complacency and indifference. So, what was exposed in your heart?

1 I would suggest you do a little research on PP founder, Margaret Sanger. She was committed to racial genocide, among other things; so one wonders whether the placing in their clinics in poor black neighborhoods is so altruistic after all. BTW she is one Hillary’s heroes – hmmm. PP might claim they are not committed to such goals, but where then is the disavowal of their founder? An organization that would make a business of dismembering human beings and selling their body parts hardly has any credibility.

2 Though I saw some comments on FB that poo-pooed the whole thing – really?

3 I do on a somewhat regularly basis read the various posts on FB that come my way; it is a helpful tool to keep in touch. I also know that FB is not the place where really important matters are shared; you know, it’s about last vacation, favorite football team, pictures of the grandkids (!!), etc. It is social media after all. However, I do hope that FB is just that and doesn’t really reflect the focus and deep concerns of our hearts!

4 Read Acts 2:37 very carefully; the truth “stabbed them in the heart” as they saw their true condition.


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